Saturday, April 07, 2012

What to feed when you stop breastfeeding your child

By Mona Selinger

It can be very easy to jump into the kitchen and begin conjuring up fancy combinations of fruit and vegetables as an introduction to the amazing world of solid food, but in reality you should probably limit the pures you cook to one ingredient, which will mean you can establish how popular each new kind of food is with your baby. There will be time for more lavish dishes later on.

Use organic fruit and vegetables where possible as they will be additive-free and delicious to boot. Home-made meals are much cheaper than shop-bought jars, so it is worth investing a bit of time each week cooking up some pures. You can always freeze them and heat them later on.

In the beginning, it might be an idea to give your child half of his usual formula feed before trying his first taste of something new. This way, he won't be too hungry, nor will he be too full. Try and pick a time when he is not too irritable and try to set a routine by giving him food around the same time every day. To begin with, you may want to have him on your lap.

In the beginning he will most likely only eat a teaspoon or so, you can offer him more, but when he is no longer interested it is probably best to carry on with the rest of his milk feed.

Little ones have to learn how to swallow, (hence the spitting and regurgitation that turns yourself, him and the surrounding area into a large mess) so take your time. For the first couple of months, you should get used to your lovingly blended fruit concoctions being unceremoniously spat out as your baby learns his craft.

If your little one does not show interest in solids, then may be to wait a bit longer before trying again. Keep up the usual breast feeds and you could even try something a bit simpler, breast milk and pudding rice or pured sweet potato for example. He might not like the strong taste of the weird new food that you are giving him. Whatever the reason, your baby will gradually enjoy eating.

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