Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Your Home Toddler-Safe

By Harry Barber

Baby stores stock a terrifying range of toddler-proofing accessories that have many new parents rushing out to spend money unnecessarily. There is a fine line between safety and paranoia, and it is possible to toddler-proof your home without breaking the bank.

Electrical Hazards

Toddlers are very, very curious and they have a dangerous habit of sticking their fingers in where it shouldn't be - like intriguing electrical sockets. Block all electrical sockets and outlets within your toddler's reach. You don't have to worry if your outlets are already plugged, because it will take some skill to get these plugs out. Although you may feel confident that the plugs you installed won't make it easy for your child to stick his finger in, still it would be better if you check your outlets one by one for your child's safety.

Dangling electrical cords can be hazardous too, so gather them together with a cable tie or tape them up.

Chemicals and Household Cleaning Products

Some parents purchase clamps to lock down cupboards and closets to keep their youngster from accidentally ingesting harmful household chemicals, but moving these items to a higher place out of your children's reach would work just as well. Also keep toiletries and cosmetics out of your children's reach because some products are dangerous when ingested.

Ornaments and Vases Anything within a toddler's reach can be knocked over or pulled off a shelf. Imagine what would happen if one of your tomes would land on your baby's soft feet, so better move these items out of your children's reach or put them in storage. This way you could prevent any accidents from happening and you'll also keep your prized vases from being broken.

Household Pets

A dog or a cat can only take so much thumping from your child' hands, so teach your youngster to treat your pets gently and with care. Instantly put a stop to any action that may hurt the pet, as their first reaction will be to bite - it is their only form of defense.

Water In The House

Never, ever leave your toddler near an open swimming pool, fish pond, or even a bucket filled with water. One wrong move and your child might be in some serious trouble. Clamps on the toilet lid will keep them safe in the bathroom - and keep them out of the bathroom when you're pouring a bath too.

Accidents happen, and children get into places you wouldn't consider to be within their reach. You watch them like a hawk every minute of the day and still sometimes they get the better of you, once this happens you better be prepared with a first aid kit and some kisses to wipe away their tears.

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