Thursday, April 12, 2012

Various Baby Gates For Stairs To Keep Babies Free From Getting Hurt

By Donaka Sue

Are you soon becoming a parent of a toddler? There are many issues which you need to know and have to careful about. One of the important things is the baby gates for stairs. The first important thing is to be aware of is that what is the right age for having these stairs? This depends on your toddler, some start to crawl when they are in fourth month while some can take 7 months to crawl. So as soon as he starts crawling make sure that you have baby gate for the safety of your child.

There are three common types of baby gates used; the hardware mounted, pressure mounted and retractable glass. The pressure mounted gates are not fully protected and does not provide the maximum safety. There is always a chance that your infant would be able to push the gate and would try to cross. These types are best when used between two opposing walls so that the child can not go to the other room but for stairs these gates should be avoided.

Hardware mounted ones are way better than the pressure mounted ones as they are installed with screws to walls and they offer the safest protection for your baby.

The last is the retractable type. This is popular but it may not be safe at times for the bigger babies. It is made up of polyester mesh which is safe for the smaller babies but you should check how resistant it is before installing it at home.

All of these are simple to install; the simplest is the pressure gate, however the hardware mounted comes with the kit and you can install it easily.

It can some times get quite difficult to find these gates and some of the big stores will even have a small variety. So the best solution is to have it at home through online shopping. Various online shops like Amazon provide discount coupons and get one buy one facility, also you will not be required to go out any where and it would be deliver to you at your home.

Similarly when you are confident that your child has started walking properly then you can remove these baby gates for stairs. Some children starts walking when they are two and a half while some kids can take three and even three and half years to walk properly so it is the right time to remove these stairs.

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