Thursday, November 17, 2011

Locate out How you can Have a Boy Making use of a Baby Gender Selection Guide

By Lisa Anderson

There are lots of methods on how to have a boy as the first born. However, not all of them are effective. One of the best guides can be found in the market today is known as the Prince or Princess book. This guide can surely help a lot of couples increase their chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Alicia Pennington, the author of the famous baby gender selection guide, has tried the methods and steps on the book herself. To prove its effectiveness, she has made the techniques available to couples who have desired to have a boy or girl in their family. The steps in her guide have been recommended by many families who have had positive results after following the steps from her book. The different techniques have been proven safe to use. To top it all off, the guide even offers more than what its price is worth. It is absolutely a comprehensive guide that contains the precise steps that readers can easily follow.

With other methods, couples can end up spending thousands of dollars trying to get their babys right gender. The methods discussed in the Prince or Princess book will greatly increase the chances without the need to shell out a lot of money. As long as the procedures are done in the right way, couples will have a great chance of having a baby of their desired gender.

Before using the steps in the guide, its important that the couples have a good understanding of the theory behind the processes involved. During conception, there will be two kinds of sperms aiming to reach the females ovum or egg first: the Y chromosome or male sperm and X chromosome or female sperm. Among the two, the male sperm swims fast but dies faster than female sperms which are slow swimmers but lives longer.

Proper diet is the first and most important step. The female should be eating sodium and potassium rich food. This diet can help lower the pH level in the vagina and allow male sperms to have a higher survival rate. Since male sperms are faster and the pH level is just right, the chances of conceiving a boy will be greatly increased.

Sodium and Potassium rich food can help maintain an alkaline environment in the woman's vagina. This will allow male sperms to have a longer lifespan inside the female's sex organ. Lower pH level in the vagina greatly enhances the survivability of the male sperms. Thus, making the male sperms to have the opportunity to reach and fertilize the ovum.

Also, it is imperative that the proper position during sex is assumed. This involves deep thrusting of the male penis into the female vagina so it reaches near the cervix. As a result, during ejaculation, male sperms can move faster towards the egg to fertilize it.

The ovulation period of the female also plays a vital role in determining the sex of the baby. Since male sperms can only last for 2 days, it is imperative that they reach the ovum before it dies. Determining the date of ovulation will greatly enhance the chances of male sperms with the fertilization process.

Careful planning is essential in determining the gender of the boy. The techniques discussed in the book are proven and have a very high rate of success. If the methods are followed correctly, couples will have great chances of having a healthy and strong baby boy.

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