Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ideas You Can easily Do To Decorate A Race Car Theme Bedroom

By Dawn Riley

Race cars have motivated the imagination of countless young fans, going all the way back to the periods when cars were first pitted against each other based on the Auto Racing & Car Themes page at the Kids Decorating Ideas site. But that enthrallment does not always cease with childhood; rather, it endures a lifetime for some people as well as shows itself in concepts for designing with race cars. What more suitable way to centerpiece your race themed space than a race car bed that appears like it is ready for a great round at the track.

Car toddler bed blanket sets are available in every color, patterns and styles, and children's beds on their own are available in the shape of race cars. Area rugs which feature tracks not to mention roads give a spot to play. Racing paint schemes vary from checkered flags to bold, primary hues that incorporate all of the racing flags. Use stencils to walls and even furniture to create murals of a day at the track. Place flags, helmets and various collectibles as artwork. For a child who does the pinewood derby, soap box derby or other competitive hobbies, show off the trophies, ribbons and pictures as the key accents.

As children grow older, make room on cabinets to turn their old race car toys into beautiful accessories. Put the small die-cast metal cars into glass cabinets, or build a deep desk or table having a glass top to hold and exhibit them. A shelf along the wall also can hold the model cars as the collection grows. Trade in the race car bed for a custom bed made right from the front of a classic car. Customize the paint scheme to a simple black-and-white pattern, or use the colors of a favorite driver as a kick off point. Frame autographs and collector cards for wall art.

Adults does not have to conceal a passion for auto racing in the car port. Display your collection of model cars inside the living room or den. Turn an old bench seat from a classic ride into a couch. Make racing seats into easy chairs on both sides of the couch.

Engines produce eye-catching coffee along with end tables. Get shadow boxes from old trophies, newspaper clippings and photographs from favorite races or racers. Race car decorating ideas for artwork include hubcaps, mirrors, decals, neon bar signs, along with posters showcasing favorite drivers as well as their sponsors.

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