Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Comfortable Positions for Your Newborn Using Baby Slings

There are several ways to wear a baby. The position you choose
to place you baby in using baby slings is up to both you and
your child. You might find one position more comfortable than
another or learn that you child prefers one position over
another. In addition, a position can facilitate a desired
action. Nursing calls for one position, napping another and
burping still another hold can be affected. 
For newborns there are 4 basic positions that can be adopted
using baby slings or the rebozo: 
1)Lying down in front of you 
Baby slings can be used to set your newborn in a semi-reclining
position. You can choose the Cradle Carry that puts the baby’s
head closest to your carrying shoulder. This is a great position
for the napping infant. Or, if it is feeding time, you can try
the Nursing Hold with the newborn positioned in the opposite
direction with his head away from your carrying shoulder to
facilitate feeding. In addition baby slings will shelter the
nursing child providing some privacy. 
2)Newborn Snuggle Hold 
Baby slings are used in this position to set the baby facing
you. In this position the child has the knees up or the feet
tucked. The sling keeps the child’s back and head well supported
and helps prevent slouching. It is a good position for bonding
between parent and newborn. 
3)Burp Position 
In this style of hold 2 baby slings are used to carry the baby
up on the shoulder. Gentle pressure is put on the stomach and
helps to prevent acid from escaping back up the baby’s
esophagus. To affect this position using baby slings they should
be worn on opposite shoulders with the rings on your hip. You
want to be sure both slings are tight. 
4)The Reclining Back Carry 
Women of many cultures will wear a baby on their back. This
enables the mother to work by leaving the frontal area and hands
free. If needed, as in nursing time, the baby can be swung
around to face the mother. This method of carry is not
recommended for baby slings. Instead use the rebozo. 
With these four positions to choose from the first three work
very will with the typical baby slings. The burp position is
probably a good hold to adopt after baby is fed. It is a natural
way to promote burping. The lying down hold is best for nap time
or nursing as the baby sling will shelter the nursing infant.
The snuggle hold is great for bonding time with the newborn as
it promotes tummy to tummy contact between the baby wearer and
the baby. This is a great bonding position for fathers to try
out. The back carry is very rare in the modern world as it is
used primarily for working mothers. However if you choose to try
this type of baby wearing opt for the rebozo instead of baby

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