Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Bedding - Why Buy Organic?

A great deal of scrutiny and consideration is expended when you
are getting ready for a new arrival in your family. Without a
doubt, you are looking for the very best materials and
construction available so that your child has nothing but the
best. Baby beddingis just one of the items you will be choosing.
You will be looking for top quality items in baby bedding to
give your child the best sleep experience possible. Why not take
a few minutes to review the benefits of an organic bedding
rather than the traditional types. Organic products are
certified to be free of any chemicals that would be harmful or
irritation to your baby's tender skin.

Influence the marketplace

By insisting on organic products when you purchase any item, you
are helping to lend your support to the entire concept of
organically made products. By purchasing baby bedding made of
organic materials you are telling the producers that the
consumers of this country are in favor of the reduced
contaminants and irritants resulting from organically grown
products. When you purchase baby bedding that is free of
pesticides and contaminants, you are more likely to find more of
these products in the future, since the producers will be more
than happy to increase the availability of products that are
obviously selling.

Child Safety

Nothing is more important to your planning for parenthood than
ensuring the safety of your child. What many parents do not
realize though, is that sometimes the safety features build into
the baby bedding can actually have negative effects. For
example, baby bedding that has been treated with chemical fire
retardants is being studied by experts to determine the type of
effects that these chemicals may have on the baby. Traditional
bedding for the baby such as crib mattresses that contain
polyurethane foam may have negative results on the baby.

Air Circulation

There is some evidence that organic baby bedding such as crib
mattresses permit better circulation of air through the product.
This quality in turn allows your child to be able to breathe
more easily. There is less chance of allergic reactions such as
those caused by chemicals and parasites in the baby bedding.
With better air circulation in the products surrounding your
baby, there is more opportunity to regulate the body temperature
while sleeping. This can be critically important to an infant,
particularly if he or she is premature.


When you decide, for any of the above reasons, to purchase
organic products for your baby bedding, you should check labels
carefully to determine that the product is actually organic.
Check with the Organic Consumers Association to receive the
contact information for accredited organic merchants. Although
organic baby bedding is usually more expensive than more
traditional products, discriminating parents often consider the
cost provides additional quality. After all, your infant spends
almost 75% of his or her time sleeping. Why not make the time as
safe and healthy as possible by providing allergen and pollutant
free bedding?

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