Friday, April 12, 2013

Luxurious, Eco-Friendly Skin Care For Baby & Mommy!

Protecting and nourishing the delicate skin of your precious
baby is one of the most important things you can do. So much
more important than the clothes she wears or the crib he sleeps
in, a baby’s skin will be with them forever. From day one, every
Pure and Honest baby deserves the best treatment you can give.

Because of this, Pure and Honest Kids is pleased to introduce a
fabulous line of luxurious, eco-friendly, organic skincare
designed for the unique skincare needs of babies! Erbaorganics
products are all made using the finest natural and organic
ingredients available and are specially formulated to nourish
baby’s sensitive skin. Free of parabens, pesticides, SLS’s,
artificial colorings and fragrances, Erbaorganics products are
all safe, clean and good for the environment and your baby. All
of their signature products contain from 75% - 99% certified
organic ingredients, with many having earned the hard-to-obtain
“USDA certified organic seal”.

We are so excited to be able to offer you these fabulous
products from Erbaorganics! After experiencing them for
yourself, we know that you and baby will thank us!

Clean and nourish the delicate skin of your baby with
Erbaorganics super mild and extra gentle baby body wash. From a
rich, organic aloe base, this super mild wash contains natural
cleaning agents that gently wash away the dirt of the day
without over drying or irritating the skin. One of our favorites
in the line, nothing calms baby better than a nice, soothing

Protect and sooth baby’s skin with the rich, all natural organic
baby lotion from Erbaorganics. Made of organic coconut oil to
aid absorption, beneficial nutrients to protect and organic shea
butter, coconut oil and vitamins A, E and F to sooth and organic
chamomile and organic lavender to ease discomfort and heal dry
or irritated skin.

This is an essential! Perfect for making life a little easier,
the Erbaorganics Baby Travel Kit contains four of our favorite
baby care products, all in a reusable carrying case. Essential
products included in this practical little kit include a mini
version of the Baby Body Wash and Baby Body Lotion, along with
Organic Baby Shampoo and healing Organic Diaper Cream.

Although it’s all about baby, Pure & Honest Kids thinks that
Mommy deserves some TLC too. Erbaorganics entire skincare line
is really a treat for baby and mommy! Pamper Mommy with these
great products from Pure & Honest Kids and Erbaorganics.

Perfect for the Mommy-to-be, skin smoothing stretch mark cream
promotes healthy skin and locks in moisture, keeping growing
bellies soft and supple with organic shea butter and organic
buckthorn. Moisturizing nutrients are exactly what a new mommy
needs to take care of her and her growing baby belly!

All your mommy-to-be favorites in a convenient travel kit!
Eco-friendly organic stretch mark oil, organic stretch mark
cream, oat bath and organic foot and leg refresher all make like
a little easier when you’re expecting!

All of Erbaorganics products that are offered at Pure & Honest
Kids make great gifts and great additions to any Pure & Honest

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