Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Baby Slings – A Look at the Pouch Sling

Unlike a ring sling, where the baby sling is created using
fabric and rings, a pouch sling is a single piece of cloth sewn
into a tubular shape creating a pouch. There are no extra pieces
of hardware such as rings, although some pouches some with
adjustable options and include zippers, Velcro, etc to allow the
parent to adjust the pouch somewhat.

Here are some facts you need to know before purchasing
pouch-type baby slings:

How To Wear A Pouch Sling

The pouch sling is quite easy to wear, as it is only one
contiguous piece of fabric. Basically, you slip it over your
head and one shoulder and wear it like a sash. Unless you have
an adjustable pouch, no further adjustment is required. Unlike
the ring sling, many people find they learn to use these baby
slings very quickly.

When To Use The Pouch Sling

Because of the construction of this type of sling, there is a
greater chance of lower back pain for the wearer. Therefore,
these baby slings are ideal for babies that are frequently being
taken into and out of the pouch, and thus carried for short
periods of time. Also, these baby slings are good for heavier
toddlers that want to be picked up and then put back down again.
The sling takes the pressure off your hips and lower back for
short-term use and still allows you to carry your toddler as
much as they ask.

Drawbacks To A Pouch Sling

As mentioned earlier, because of the construction of this type
of sling, there is a greater chance of lower back pain to the
wearer. These baby slings are not really meant for long-term use
of carrying heavy babies. However, the better the pouch fits
your body, the longer you will be able to carry a heavier child
with a minimum of back pain. Also, better fabric will also
assist in this. A good fabric will have good tensile strength,
but also have decent diagonal give. You don’t want the pouch to
hang too low or it will put undue strain on your back and

Alternatives For Heavier Children

Many parents find that pouch-type baby slings are ideal for
small babies or for toddlers that want to frequently be picked
up and put down again. However, for heavier babies that are not
yet walking or toddlers that need to be held for longer periods
of time, the pouch sling really isn’t that ideal. Instead, wraps
or mei tai baby slings are a better way to go. The key is
recognizing what stage of life you child is in and getting a
sling that best suits your lifestyle and your child’s stage of

There are many types of baby slings on the market. They range
from the purely functional to the outrageously hip and cool. All
of them have a place in your home, as they will bring you closer
to your baby than a stroller. Just take your time and find the
baby sling that is right for you.

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