Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Babies & Photographers: Creating the Best Experience for Newborn Photography

By Aly Marie

There's nothing quite like the experience of a child's birth to bring out the desire to find the best newborn photography. Each moment of the infant's life seems to warrant a new picture to share with friends and loved ones. The problem is that tired parents who are functioning on four hours of interrupted sleep each night may not have the ability or professional newborn photography skills to effectively capture those moments. Connecting with an expert, such as this Kansas City newborn photographer, is the parents' best bet for acquiring those special images to cherish.

After identifying a great newborn photographer and scheduling a session, there are certain steps you can take to get ready for the appointment. Be certain to choose an infant photographer who excels in customer service and good communication, so you can feel free to ask questions as you prepare for your highly-anticipated session.

Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

What is the number of clothing changes I should prepare for?

How much time prior to the session should we arrive at the photo shoot location?

How does photographer handle babies who are crying?

Will you come to our house to take the newborn photos?

How long is the baby photography session?

How soon will we be able to see the newborn photographs?

Prior to communicating with the photographer, it may help to brainstorm a list of questions with your spouse or a friend to ensure you are covering all the bases and can leave the conversation feeling confident about the upcoming session. For more ideas on what to expect, try visiting a newborn photography website.

Baby Photography Session Day: What to Do to Prepare

You can look to your photographer for pointers and tips regarding how you can get your baby ready for the infant photography session. You may find that it is helpful to put your baby down for an early nap or change his schedule slightly on the day of the session to ensure he is in a pleasant mood for the appointment. Another great idea is scheduling a feeding an hour before the session to keep the baby satisfied during the shoot and to minimize the immediate spit-ups that tend to follow.

For in-home newborn photography sessions, make sure the space you will utilize is free of clutter and camera-ready. It may also be helpful to adjust the temperature of the room in order to make it warm enough for the baby who may be sans clothing during the shoot.

When traveling to a studio or other location for the session, it will be a good idea to have all items you want to include in the photos in one convenient basket or bag. Parents often wish to have blankets, family heirlooms, hats, hair bows, or stuffed animals in the photographs with the baby, so brainstorm prior to the session to determine whether you have everything you may need.

Of course, you may want to being the newborn photographs as well. Be Sure to choose light and neutral clothing colors that will complement the baby's clothes. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, as you may be assisting the photographer with props and posing.

With all of the planning and preparation that goes into professional newborn photography, it is still likely that unexpected things will occur. The baby may be cranky or need a new diaper. Whatever happens, you can trust that an experienced newborn photographer has seen it all and will not be frustrated.

If these things happen, relax and know that your photographer has experienced all of this and is prepared to go with the flow and do what it takes to ensure your newborn photographs are beautiful.

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