Sunday, July 08, 2012

5 Cool Methods You Can Use To Induce Labor 100% Naturally

By Jennifer J Washington

The later stages of pregnancy can be very uncomfortable for many women. It's entirely natural to feel frustrated and even angry if the 40 weeks have passed and you've still not given birth. This article summarizes a few methods you can use to induce labor naturally, but the recommended website goes into lots more detail. Follow the link at the base of this post to go there quickly.

Castor oil is an old-fashioned remedy that was the number one way of bringing on a birth for many years. It was especially widespread after contractions had started and if it was taking a long time to get into "birthing mode". Aside from tasting absolutely terrible and bringing on nausea in the poor woman, another negative side-effect is that castor oil is a laxative and so will cause a loosening of the bowels. It can work, but be aware of these possible downsides.

One more choice is to have an enema. An enema is a cleansing of the colon and rectum. Usually, there is pure and distilled liquid already in a bag with a hose pipe affixed. The end of the hose pipe is inserted into the anus and the bag is emptied. Enemas might potentially generate labor due to the fact that when the bowels contract, it could possibly cause the womb to additionally contract. Nonetheless, doctors are unwilling to give enemas to pregnant females and this method is not authorized by the FDA. You ought to be over 40 weeks pregnant to try this.

Sex is many women's favorite method of starting the birthing process. When you engage in sexual intercourse, a substance called prostaglandin is discharged, which is comparable to some medications that are given to induce labor. Plus, sex is almost always fun. If full sex is not an option, you can try nipple stimulation. This involves lightly pinching, rubbing and otherwise playing with the nipples. Very often this can help induce labor.

Maternal acupressure has been found to be very effective in bringing on contractions. It is so effective that you must be careful that it all doesn't happen too quickly for you to get to where you have planned to give birth in time. Either a trained acupressurist can manipulate the pressure points, or else your partner can be trained to do the job in a few minutes.

Although these are all natural methods of inducing labor, you should always take the advice of a trained medical practitioner before you do anything you might think is "drastic". Usually women use these methods because they do not want to be injected with a chemical to bring on their contractions and I fully agree with this philosophy. My website (there's a link below) goes into a lot more detail than I've been able to in this short article. Good luck!

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