Saturday, June 02, 2012

I Don't Understand Why I Can't Get Pregnant...

By Alexandra M. Jones

A lot of women are wondering why they can't get pregnant. The inability to conceive is a very common problem for women everywhere and may occur due to a lot of reasons, both psychological and medical. In this article, we'll briefly go through both.

Looking into the problem, we can separate it in two primary groups for better understanding. In Group 1, we include the couples that fail to successfully conceive due to own, personal or psychological reasons. Such reasons are anxiety, not knowing which days are mostly fertile etc. In Group 2, we include those couples that indeed have a medical condition that is rather treatable or that are, beyond treatment, infertile.

When women can't get pregnant, they sometimes believe they, or their husband are infertile or there's something wrong with their body that prevents them from conceiving. Many times, that's simply not true and the inability to conceive is caused due to other reasons. But even if it is true, it doesn't mean that they won't ever conceive as a gynecologist is very likely to be able to offer some kind of treatment for underlying medical problems.

No wonder the most commonly found problem in couples that are having a difficulty to conceive is... stress. Stress is more likely to happen as time goes by without a successful conception. The couple should try and relax in any way possible in order to maximize the potential of getting pregnant. Exercising, listening to music or simply taking a walk works wonders. Another important variable of a couple's stress levels is it's family members. They tend to increase the pressure when they know the couple is trying to conceive so it's best if that secret is kept to themselves.

Getting into the habit of exercising regularly is great for when trying to get pregnant. Not only does it help release some stress, it's also great to maintain a healthy body which, as expected, is a great aid to conceiving. At the same time, getting rid of nasty habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption is advised as well. Adopting a healthy diet, staying away from take-away food and consuming vegetables and fruits is also mandatory.

Knowing when exactly, during the female's cycle, to try to get pregnant is extremely important to the whole process of conception. Women with regular cycles can easily determine their high fertility days by cutting their cycle in half. For example, in a regular cycle of thirty two days, the most important, most fertile day to try is the 16th. However, the two days before and after that day (14, 15, 17, 18) are also essential.

If the cycle isn't regular, it's recommended that the couple purchases a home based Ovulation Predictor Kit to be able to better plan encounters knowing which days are the most fertile. Likewise, home based tests exist to test the sperm count of the male partner. The sperm count can vary depending on many factors. One common reason a man's sperm count is reduced is heat. Thus, if the man is using laptops for example, they should be based on a table rather than his body. Also, it is suggested that no tight clothing or underwear is worn on a regular basis.

If, after trying to conceive for a rather large period of time, while making sure that everything is done properly (fertility days count, relaxation, patience etc), the couple should visit a fertility doctor to conduct some tests in order to get to the root of the problem and find a treatment.

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