Friday, September 30, 2011

Recommendations For Purchasing a Safe Crib Mattress For Your Little Angel

By Cynthia Windsor

During your third trimester you scramble to buy all of the products you will need for the arrival of your baby. Chances are you have stocked up on clothing, nappies, bibs, and decorations to brighten your baby's room. Some parents-to-be are overwhelmed when they're buying a new crib mattress. If you are looking for the best crib mattress you'll need to perform a little research and read through crib mattress ratings to get a mattress that's cushty and supportive. Consider these tips when you are shopping for a mattress for your baby so that you can make a smart investment.

Ensure It Is Water resistant

One of the first things you should have a look for in a mattress is a water-resistant surface. It is natural for babies to wet the bed, throw up, and drool on the surface of their bed. Bacteria grows in urine, milk, and bodily fluids that drip on the mattress. If you need your baby's bed to stay hygienic you'll need to purchase a water-resistant mattress. Make sure to avoid vinyl surfaces because they contain phthalate chemicals. Look for mattresses made of organic materials that are water resistant and safe.


When you're carrying your youngster, they're cosy in your uterus. When they leave the womb, it's very important to give them a comfortable space to sleep in. More and more manufacturers are focusing on child comfort. There are at present foam mattresses that are compatible with cribs. Always select a firm mattress for newborn infants and a medium firm mattress for toddlers with either a foam or innerspring filling.


All quality mattresses have a great warranty. If the mattress rips or tears in a short period of time, the guaranty will pay for fix or replacement. Ensure you review the terms of the guaranty before making an investment.

Reading Thru Client Reviews

The Internet is a wonderful thing. When you're buying anything from a crib to a push chair, access patron reviews and recall info prior to making an investment. Folks are always posting crib mattress reviews and suggestions for new mums and dads who do not know where to start when they're purchasing mattresses. Access a trustworthy platform where reviews are truthful and helpful.

Selecting the right mattress will reduce the risk of SIDS. Keep your small angel safe and guarded by investing in the right bed. Compare features, materials, warranties, and price before you purchase.

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