Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Yourself Acquainted with the Breast Pump

By Judy Phan

Using a breast pump may also be necessary in some cases. At first, mothers can only get a few amounts of milk. But as this exercise continues, more and more amounts of milk are expressed.

Preparing the breast pump

1. All instructions indicated should be read and understood.

2. Every part of the breast pump will need to be sterilized before you begin using it.

3. Cleaning the pump parts is important after using the item. You can clean them using clean water that is warm and soapy and rinse them with hot water and let them dry with a clean towel. With regards to the plastic tubing, cleaning is only necessary when there's milk in it. Should you wish to wash it, make sure to hang it afterward to let it dry.

4. If your doctor feels the need, the entire kit can be sterilized every day.

5. With regards to the suction pump, opt for the lowest setting when starting it.

Getting started

- Apply warm compress on your breast; you can also massage it to stimulate the production of breast milk

- Relaxation should always be implemented when massaging and pumping the breasts; you can close your eyes and think about your baby; with higher level of relaxation, the more breast milk will be produced

- Your first attempts at pumping should be considered practice sessions with learning to use the breast pump as the goal, not how much milk is actually dispensed.

- If you prefer hand pumps, try to imitate how a baby typically sucks your breast; go with fast and short pumps for the first few minutes then process with long and steady pumps.

- When still practicing to use the pump, do it at times when you have a right mental thinking; furthermore, do this for about 5 minutes and at least once a day

When pumping, never watch how many bottles you have filled with breast milk since this can be stressful. Instead, do other enjoyable activities to keep you preoccupied and relaxed. These activities include looking at your baby's picture, chatting or playing with your friends, talking to someone on the phone or you can read books as well.

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