Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celebrity Baby Boom Continues

Celebrity Baby CoversThe celebrity baby boom has continued into February. iVillage even has a celebrity baby tracker to keep up with all the upcoming births. The latest news is the large figures magazines are paying celebrities to have the new baby featured exclusively on magazine covers. AdAge has reported that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will receive "between $4 million and $6" from People magazine for exclusive cover rights to photos of the new baby. AdAge says sometimes the celebrity baby cover doesn't provide a jump in sales but Vanity Fair had a sales jump when Suri Cruise was on the cover. People also saw a jump in sales when they had baby Shiloh on the cover. Celebrity Baby Blog, Hot Momma Gossip, Dotspotter, State of the Art and Gawker are also discussing some of the high sums being paid to celebrities. Even not as huge stars get baby-related deals. For example, Elisabeth Hasselback from The View cut a deal with Procter & Gamble to blog about her new baby.

For some of the previous baby pictures this post on Yahoo Buzz gives you a good roundup of some of the celebrity babies that are the most searched for. That was from a few weeks ago so they might be a baby or two behind.

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